Our work is born out of a calling to better understand how the Catholic Church relates to the world through the art and science of mapmaking and connecting this with multi-media story telling and environmental program suggestions that help to inspire people's faith in action to serve the poor and tend to the earth.  We deeply value accessible and visually stunning communications media and have high standards for information quality and excellence in cartography. Our maps and stories are made to inspire change, excite, and inform.


Catholic Geographic will deliver a holistic high-impact environmental program that intelligently leverages its resources to ensure that it is socially and fiscally sustainable. It has been designed for impact, designed for efficient management of data and products, and designed for social and fiscal sustainability. Under the aegis of the Catholic Geographic System there are four organizations that support each other:

  1. the Catholic Geographic Information System Center provides data infrastructure and an inter-sector hub for Catholic data, knowledge management, and education.
  2. Catholic Geographic, Inc. provides cartography services and an online store for map products that help fund components of the Catholic Geographic System.
  3. the Catholic Geographic's purpose is to inspire a global vision of the Catholic Church, teach about faith, science, technology, and the world, and encourage adventure and deeper commitment to service. It also provides socially sustainable engagement in the ecological conversion and a revenue stream for other operations.
  4. GoodLands is a Catholic conservation and ecological land-use planning organization that takes the information we map and puts it to work for environmental stewardship purposes – it also measures and tracks the success and outcomes of environmental programs.


Catholic Geographic System



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